r-evolution is an integrated mobile application that allows corporate users to exponentially increase their daily productivity by providing the industry leading platform for superior searchability, prioritization and collaboration.

After you have signed up and logged into r-evolution, you are ready to begin using the application.

When you first log into r-evolution, you find yourself in the r mail module. We cover r mail in another section, so for now, press the  button, which will take you to the r-evolution home page.

r-evolution is organized into modules. r mail is your mail application, r messages is your collaboration hub, r drive holds all your important files, and r notes let's you capture text notes, audio and images on the go. Each r-evolution module integrates with all the others and universal tools like r search and The Plate make these connections even more powerful! To access any of the modules, just click the corresponding icon on the home screen. This is mobile data management at its best.


For step by step demonstrations of r-evolution capabilities, click here.

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