Complete your Profile

The first thing you'll do is set your Status. Along the top of the home page you'll see a green bar. On the left side is a bright green circle, indicating that you are Online, and beside that your current status. Click on <Set status> to change your status from the initial default.

Next, let your colleagues know whether you are Online, Busy, Away or Offline using the status indicator.

Finally, you will set your profile picture so your colleagues can easily recognize you in r-evolution. To change your profile picture, you'll need to open r settings.

First, click on the r-settings icon on the home page. When r settings opens, you will see a number of User settings. For now, we want to set your profile picture, so click the Change Photo text and select where you would like to set your profile picture from. You take take a new photo, select a photo from your device gallery, or select a photo from your r drive.


While you are in User settings, go ahead and set your Basic Information, Birth date, and Time zone.

You now have a complete r-evolution profile!

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