Schedule an item in The Plate

The context bar consists of Past, Present, and Future folders. By default new plate items are added to the Present folder, but with a swipe to the right, you can schedule an item for followup at a later date. 


The scheduled item will show up in your present photo on the date specified. You can also swipe it left at any time to move it back into the Present.

Remove an item from your plate

Finished working on an item? There are a number of ways to remove it from The Plate to avoid clutter.

If you have completed a task, but want to keep tabs on it, you can swipe it left into the Past folder. 

In the Past folder, another swipe to the left will remove the item from your plate entirely.

To delete an item from any other Plate folder, long press on the item until it turns green, then press the delete icon on the top right corner of the action bar.

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