You can take a number of actions on emails in r mail.

Default Action Icon

The Default Action icon sits on the right side of an email in the list view.

You can change the default action icon in Application Settings under Email Preferences.

Left Swipe Actions

Left swipe on any email to open the Action Menu. Action Menu items include:

  • Forward
  • Schedule (Add a Plate entry to the Future folder)
  • Move (Move the email to a specified folder)
  • More (Open the More Actions window)
    • Star
    • Reply
    • Select (Initiate Multi-Select)
    • Open
    • Post in Space
    • Mark as Unread


Multi-Select Actions

Long press an email list entry to initiate Multi-Select. Press a list entry to select it, and again to deselect it. Actions will appear in the Action Bar. Multi-Select actions include:

  • Mark Read/Unread
  • Move
  • Post in Space/Associate
  • Delete


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